Pressy – When China is faster than rest of “modern” world

No so long ago you can read about an interresting Kickstarer-funded project called Pressy. Main purpose of this project was to add a customizable hardware button to your phone. Pressy is designed as small gadget to be put into phones/tablets 3.5" headphone jack and is designed to offer you up to 10 customizable actions. It's not a secret that most of todays phone lack of any customizable HW button, mostly the only buttons you find on your phone are Power button + Volume key. Period, end, finish. But hey, what if you would like to have Camera button or evem more HW buttons? Sorry no luck today.


Then some clever people found a solution and to make it reality they starter Kickstarter project to find neccessary funds. Basic limit was setup to 40,000 USD, but project received so many publicity that all donations are attacking almost 700,000 USD. 

Now come to the problems. First, project is not yet at the stage of product for sale. Second expected price was setup to 27 USD.

But copy-master from Chine never sleep. Atleast two companies incl well know Xiaomi copied the item and created own clone. Xiaomi called it MiKey. MiKey's functionaly copies original idea of Pressy, however for fraction of price ~1 USD. So copied HW is finished and now we are just waiting for neccessary software part. Pressy developers should really speed-up their work otherwise China copy-master will beat them to the ground.

China phone / phablet Star N9599T review

Some time ago I realized that my 7" Huawei MediaPad is a bit large for daily carrying, so i decided to look after some smaller, yet bigger than normal device. After some digging I found out Star N9599T with quad-core CPU, 5.7" IPS display, 2GB RAM, 32GB ROM(internal HDD), 2x 3800mAh batteries. Bellow I would like to summarize my positive experiance with this device.


  • large-enough display and resolution
  • above average performance CPU – ~16,000 points in Antutu
  • great 2GB RAM
  • large internal storage
  • 2 SIM
  • big battery life
  • great build quality


  • view angles worse in comparison with Mediapad
  • a bit higher display response rate
    • nothing critical
    • most noticable then scrolling red text on dark gray background
  • limited /data partition
    • only 1GB -> u need to move apps to sdcard more often
    • depends on phone revision
  • no gorilla glass -> u need screen protector
  • useless plastic stylus
    • no gorilla glass -> stylus makes scratches
    • i bought stulus with rubber end – works file
  • mechanic Home button



Would I recommend this product to my friends? For that price, absolutely yes