New MKC is out

MKC version 1.0.9 is out

1.0.9   (25.4.2014)

  • from now on MKC can be used as file picker. Eg. when trying to add attachment in mail client
  • File properties reworked
  • customization – directory, copypaste, selection and status bars
  • un/lock icon is shown in scrollable directory path for system partitions. Long press it to mount FS RO/RW
  • rename on system partitions automatically remounts FS if needed
  • bugfixes

MKCommander aka MKC developement history


What's new



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1.0.9   (25.4.2014)

  • from now on MKC can be used as file picker. Eg. when trying to add attachment in mail client
  • File properties reworked
  • customization – directory, copypaste, selection and status bars
  • un/lock icon is shown in scrollable directory path for system partitions. Long press it to mount FS RO/RW
  • rename on system partitions automatically remounts FS if needed
  • bugfixes

1.0.8   (1.4.2014)

  • Rate/Donate dialog will never show if Donation app is installed
  • ImageViewer – Menu key shows now context menu, added new button for showing thumbnails (icon like movie at bottom)
  • New permission – Set wallpaper
  • You can manually set internal + ext. storage in Configuration
  • bugfixes especialy root functionality, longpress to show contextmenu, …

1.0.6   (12.1.2014)

  • Tweaks to GUI + layout font sizes for more consistency among different display sizes
  • Fixed issue with Select dialog + Find Files dialog on some devices

1.0.5   (16.12.2013)

  • Fixed crash when entering new Configuration system for Android 3+ devices. Deeply sorry for any inconvenience.

1.0.3   (13.12.2013)

  • "Configuration" was reworked to new look for Android ver. 3+
  • horizontal toolbar with 30 customizable buttons and vertical(middle) toolbar with 9 customizable buttons are back for those who like them
    • from Configuration -> Section Toolbars
    • from Wizard – step 2 -> For Power Users
  • bugfixes

1.0.2   (27.11.2013)

  • new permission READ_PHONE_STATE – allows to detect incomming calls and pause AudioPlayer
  • new Neon theme
  • few adjustments to GUI elements
  • u can move MKC to SD if u wish
  • bugfixes
    • ImageViewer failure on some devices
    • some others

1.0.1   (10.10.2013)

  • fixed crash on swipe left/right in single panel mode
  • few minor fixes

1.0.0   (9.10.2013)

  • new tutorial
  • new Copy&Paste toolbar
  • many improvements eg:
    • instant scroll to top or bottom by clicking red up/>down arrow
    • context menu (use arrow button in title bar to see all menu items)
    • possibility to operate in single or dual panel mode
  • bugfixes – many, eg. selection between 2

0.8.48   (x.3.2013)

  • bugfixes

0.8.47   (25.2.2013)

  • System mountpoints dialog adjusted
  • adjustment to "*" button
    • short tap – opens "Choose media" dialog with bookmarks
    • long tap – opens "Choose media" dialog with history
  • if u try to open file without any asociated application, OpenAs dialog is shown
  • FTP adjustments + u can view pictures from FTP directly in Image Viewer + for FTP and SMB u can enable/disable picture previews auto loading – in FTP/SMB credentials
    • NOTE: first picture previews loading can be very slow (depends on connection speed), thumbnails are cached locally so next visit is muuuch quicker
  • LogViewer button in toolbar highlights on error
  • bugfixes
    • NOTE: on some specific devices when some files are copied/moved/extracted… to internal storage mounted as FUSE then new file has curent "last modify" time instead of time of original file. Its Android BUG 🙁
    • other reported errors fixed

0.8.46   (21.1.2013)

  • bugfixes

0.8.43   (17.1.2013)

  • new icon + some minor adjustments for Amazon Market

0.8.43   (12.1.2013)

  • "choose media" dialog
    • tap on button on very right to see media properties
    • for larger display – also shows Bookmarks
  • Scrollable directory buttons now reacts on long click (Android 3.0+)
  • ImageViewer
    • gallery with thumbnails on bottom (shows/hides on hw/sw MENU key)
  • file operations –
    • overwrite dialog – new option "Ovewrite older"
    • preserve date/time
  • cloud services
    • dropbox – coming soon
    • all login credentials are encrypted (see NOTE1 below)
  • bugfixes
    • scroll. directory bar, some others
  • NOTE1:
    • configuration(+backups) of previous MKC is NOT fully compatible with new MKC. If u experience any crash(sorry), reinstall new MKC and DONT import backup-ed configuration from previous versions

0.8.42   (23.12.2012)

  • if u choose wallpaper NONE then background color in Theme dialog OR in Configuration – item "Background color(wallpaper:NONE)"
  • some adjustments in File properties
  • bugfix:
    • fixed scroll flicker in TextView on pre-ICS

0.8.40   (8.12.2012)

  • UI:
    • dialog themes – Light + Dark
    • wallpaper – none (=single color, for oldest devices), 2 internal + u can set any image as background wallpaper
      • for better readability of text on wallpapers – in Config. new/modified items – bold text  + font shadow settings
      • NOTE: for speed and memory reasons wallpaper is taken as is and is simply stretched to fit screen
    • Themes dialog completely reworked: MENU->Configuration->toolbar button Theme; see brief help there
    • Context menu
  • AudioPlayer – added equalizer for Android 2.3+ devices
  • bugfixes

0.8.39   (x.11.2012)

  • rooted staff:
    • improved detection of rooted device
    • copy adjustmets

0.8.38   (30.10.2012)

  • new:
    • from now ok u can send multiple files via BT (NOTE: files must be located on internal memory or sdcard)
    • video thumbnails on Android 2.2+
    • small adjustment in Scrollable directory bar
  • translation:
    • russian – not yet final, but usable – credits goes to Alex

0.8.37   (16.10.2012)

  • small adjustments
    • MKC Editor
    • file properties
  • bugfixes
    • filtering was not working on some devices

0.8.36   (12.10.2012)

  • bugfix – crash in devices prior ICS when showing file properties – credits for reporting goes to Alex!

0.8.35   (10.10.2012)

  • added Filter panel – possibility to quickly filter files – contains mode icon(/); input field; clear button– tap to clear input field / long tap to close Filter panel; button to open advanced filter
    • simple mode– just type simple word eg. "linux"
    • clever mode – in this mode u can use 1 or more wildcards eg. "*linux*;*unix*"
  • bottom StatusBar changed – now interactive and and on devices >7" display separated to 3 buttons
    • on left part
      • tap to open Filter panel
    • on center
      • tap to open Selection dialog
      • long tap to de/select all
    • tap on right part
      • tap to open File properties dialog with detailed info about external storage (ususally /sdcard)
  • bugfixes
    • TextViewer – text selection + clipboard
    • in landscape dual panel sometimes accidentaly goes to single panel mode
    • accidental crashes in ImageViewer

0.8.34    (25.9.2012)

  • former TextViewer divided into 2 separate tools
    • new TextViewer – which is in most cases much faster when loading big files, has much faster navigation, but can NOT edit
    • new TextEditor – same functionality and speed as former TextViewer – can view and edit, but is slow (it's problem of Java and Android framework, not MKC)
  • bugfixes:
    • toolbar buttons in czech transl.

0.8.33    (2.9.2012)

  • improved Properties dialog:
    • u can send Top Ten Files and Top Ten Content to panel, where u can work with them as with Search results (NOTE: recommended to switch to row layout where u can see object's location)
  • some optimalizations for small and large screens (dialogs, guide/help)
  • after find files in Search results if u switch to any row layout – location of found file will be shown
  • image caching redesigned, now stored in DB
  • bugfixes:
    • random crash during pic. previews loading
    • additional details in file properties
    • Individual Folder Settings

0.8.32    (29.7.2012)

  • improved root functionality – browse, view, edit files like "build.prop", copy/move, del
  • added:
    • icons for .doc, .xls, .pdf extensions
    • then reading picture previews, small progressbar is shown under directory bar
    • more details to Properties dialog
  • bugfixes:
    • rooted phones: clicking on buttons in Scrollable directory bar sometimes did not go to desired directory
    • move bug (files were copied even they could be moved)
    • sort bug (objects were not sorted properly after Calc button)
    • samba: empty username was not working, now should be ok

0.8.31    (30.6.2012)

  • added "Selection Bar":
    • when u activate selection (sel.mode:ON) -> will appear on top:
    • u can quickly select/deselect all, select all files with same extension or type
    • AND u can select/deselect all between 2 POINTS! (a bit like shift selection in windoze)
    • more info in quick guide in MKC
  • small adjustments:
    • scrolling directory bar slightly modified
    • u can hide Title bar on devices with Android >3.0 (On some devices that do NOT have hardware MENU button, software MENU button is shown in application title bar. If u have HW MENU button or u dont need it,  u can disable Title bar to save some space on display) Configuration–>Section Advanced (requires app. restart)
  • bugfixes: some

0.8.30    (6.6.2012)

  • small adjustments:
    • added second customizable detailed grid (detailed grid are popular on large screens like tablets)+more customization available => u can have one smaller det. grid for common folders and one big for folders with pictures
    • some buttons in toolbar act as switch eg "Show thumbnails" if on uppercase text or colored icon is shown, if off lowercase text or black-white icon is shown
  • bugfix
    • during copy/move and other oper. if u clicked outside of window, it dissapeared but operation continued

0.8.29    (x.6.2012)

  • SMB (SAMBA, Windows share) support
  • some size adjustments for tables (tested my new Huawei Mediapad 7")
  • added new nice customizable Detailed Grid layout, also added borders around all grid layouts
  • added button to directory bar on the top for fast switching between internal and external(sdcard) memory
  • Directory Bar redesigned, from now on u can choose between
    • standard text Directory Bar (with 'free space' on top)
    • scrollable clickable buttons (font characteristics – bold, width – is changing according to  path length and panel width or better readibility), 'free space' in Status Bar on the bottom
  • small adjustments:
    • u can set font size for directory bar(top) and status bar(bottom)
    • non-readable files are shown with italica
    • u can choose charset for TextViewer
    • for devices with Android 3.0+ top title bar has to be shown as it contains software Menu key
  • bugfixes:
    • On "Recreate thumbs…" – new thumbs were shown,but not saved for next time
    • on some devices (eg. my new Mediapad) move from internal mem to sdcard and opposite did not worked correctly
    • Menu button was not accessible in TextViewer on tablets with Android 3.0+

0.8.28    (x.4.2012)


0.8.26    (7.5.2012)

  • First run Wizard – allows to create basic configuration according to user's wish
  • toolbars + settings (configuration)
    • u can now choose between icons / texts and 1/2 rows
    • Settings renamed to Config as it alows shorter abbreviation
    • Backup and Import redesigned – u can have more backuped configs and during import choose one of them -> good if u wanna experiment with 1/2 row of icons/text in toolbar or when "playing" with toolbar buttons assignement
    • Themes – u can quickly choose between 3 color themes
    • TB buttons – quickly recreate toolbar buttons for 1 or 2 rows layout
  • bugfixes:
    • toolbar buttons configuration was not saved on Backup

0.8.25    (22.4.2012)

  • bugfixed:
    • after de/reinstallation backup-ed settings dissapeared. Sorry for that 🙂 From now on all MKC files are located in /sdcard/Android/data/cz.raven4/<product name>

0.8.24    (22.4.2012)

  • I created DONATION app, from now on u can donate via PayPal or newly directly via Market – "buy" DONATION app
  • I created new sister application to MKCommander (MKC) called MKCommander HD (MKC HD). What's difference? Mostly in memory limits!
    • both app's share almost same code 99%
    • original MKCommader can run on any Android 2.1+,  so also on  phone/tables with Honeycomb and  ICS
    • new MKCommander HD can run ONLY on Android 3.0 and higher,
    • if u have eg. phone with ICS, u can choose between MKC and MKC HD; if u have phone with Gingerbread only MKC is possible
    • Why I created this new app?  My HTC Sensation upgraded to ICS 4.0.3 and I wanted to get maximum of ICS – see limits:
      • orig. MKC can use up to 16/24/32/48MB of RAM (depeds on Android version and device), most of time it's enough, but if u try to create tbumbsnails in dir with 1000+ pictures u can ran out of mem, also if u want to try to open big/huge jpeg (9000×8000 pixels, 10MB size), such jpeg must be resampled to lower resolutions +-3000×3000, eg. Map of Tyria)
      • MKC HD can use up to 128MB of RAM (on rooted phones even more), so opening huge jpeg (eg. Map of Tyria) in full resolution is no problemo.
  • directory bar
    • free space is now shown (usefull for rooted phones)
    • on click and on long click actions can be assigned
  • TextViewer:
    • added Search functionality, added switch for read-only <-> read-write (edit functionality)
    • u can create new text file
    • NOTE: TextViewer is not intended to open large binary data, u can ran out of memory in such case
  • Settings:
    • u can choose if u wanna keep horiz. toolbar in fullscreen mode
    • u can choose text color of toolbar buttons
    • u can choose text color and background color of selected objects (this colors are also used for top+bottom statusbar)
    • new assignable functions for V+H toolbars
  • in MkDir dialog, u can choose if u wanna create empty Folder or file
  • fixed bug:
    • on ICS in Settings,
    • in Properties – after 'file find' file's true location was not correctly displayed
    • after leaving directory, directory was not highlighted
  • new permisions:
    • WRITE_MEDIA_STORAGE – seems like tablets with Honeycomb that have internal+external memory(=sd card) need this permission for read+write access to both memory
    •  MOUNT/UNMOUNT – needed for un/mounting filesystems on rooted phones

0.8.23   (29.3.2012)

  • Select dialog – added Size and Date criterium
  • Find Files Dialog – added Date criterium
  • Vertical Toolbar now customizable, improved configuration of toolbar buttons in Settings, some more functions can be assigned to tollbar buttons
  • experimental Root functionality – mount, chmod
    NOTE: I dont have any rooted phone to verify this functionality on….any feedback is highly welcome!
  • bugfixes – eg. fixed bug then no files were moved if u tried to move them to different filesystems (eg. file from in internal mem to sdcard)

0.8.22   (13.3.2012)

  • Storage Analysis(SA) enhanced – graphs added (bright color shows ratio file size / sdcard size, dark color shows ratio file size / current directory size), u can hide graphs by clicking on "Exit SA" on the top
  • Image Viewer enhanced – EXIF info, where available, tap on small arrow in the right middle of Image Viewer
  • Properties dialog heavily recoded
  • Thumbnails are now cached, so when visiting picture folders repeatedly thumbnails are shown much faster(up to 10x) for larger images (only images >100kB are cached)
    NOTE: if u wanna recreate thumbnails in current folder: long tap on any object in folder->Other->Recreate thumbs for this folder
  • Added move to ZIP (= zip and then delete source file)
  • Added Rate and Donate button, PLEASE rate MKC if u like it and also consider a donation of few $ to SUPPORT DEVELOPEMENT
  • bugfixes

0.8.21    (5.3.2012)

  • highly redesigned progress dialogs during operations like copy… Now more information about progress like avg.speed, estimated time, remaining files+size,…
  • customizable slideshow in Image Viewer
  • small modifications in "Open As" functionality
  • bugfixes
  • +++ is there anybody who would like to help with translating MKC to other languages?? any help welcome +++

0.8.20    (26.2.2012)

  • modification to "open as"

0.8.19    (9.2.2012)

  • Bugfix release
    • fixed crash when opening file type with no associated application
    • fixed crash when trying to open/modify file/dir which is not readable (no permission)
    • fixed bug when extracting with fullpath


  • "Open As" now possible in ZIP archive or on FTP
  • fixed crash when entering Settings in czech localization
  • bugfixes


  • import+backup settings
  • small adjustment in Sort dialog
  • from now on u can bookmark directories on ftp or in .zip
  • from now on u can calculate directory's size on FTP – caution, on slow connections/servers it can take eternity 😀 NOTE: For obvious reasons PermCalc is  ignored for FTP
  • from now on u can calculate directory's size in ZIP.
  • u can now browse content of .apk


  • bugfixes release
  • bugfix when entering Settings in ICS 4.0.x


  • added Starting folder option – where to start: either Home folder or in folder where MKC finished last time
  • Bookmark activity – u can now change order of your bookmarks
  • "B" button on vert. toolbar – changed
    • short tap – menu with bookmarks
    • long tap – opens Bookmarks dialog (like MENU->Bookmarks) – NEW
  • MKC now shows application icon for apk file if picture preview enabled
  • minor bugfixes


  • added Exit to menu, because sometimes user was not able to exit MKC via BACK if some complicated operation was ongoing (eg. Storage Analysis);
  • Storage Analysis menu item moved to Tools… User can place it to toolbar for quickiest access.
  • fixed bug where user was not able to browse pictures correctly, if picture was opened by clicking on icon
  • fixed several bugs in  ImageViewer, TextViewer
  • fixed return to MKC –  sometimes after return to MKC (eg. from Home screen) previously opened window (eg.ImageViewer, TextViewer) was not visible


  • more customization –
    • horiz. toolbar buttons's – font size, font width factor, width, height
    • you can now choose where horiz. toolbar will be placed – top or bottom
    • vert. toolbar – width
    • font width factor for medium multil.+grid layouts -> more space for text if needed
  • selection mode – ON, OFF, AUTO


  • 2 annoying bugs removed –
    • sometimes "Reading both panels" dialog does NOT dissapear automatically
    • MKC is unresponsive and screen is darkened because some dialog is stuck on background
    • in both cases sometimes helped pressing BACK or SEARCH
  • if u encounter any of bugs mentioned above, PLEASE, let me know and help me to investigate it further


  • redesign of horiz.+vert. toolbars to provide more space for labels
  • started localization:
    • new localization – CZECH – author: my smallness
    • new localized Read Me! – excerpt from full english MKC guide
    • searching volunteers for other languages
  • bugfixes


  • added ZIP support – u can browse ZIP archives (incl. picture preview), ImageViewer can browse/view pictures in ZIP archives; NOTE: Android natively supports only unencrypted ZIP archives. For encrypted archives try to look at the Market for 3rd party app.
  • added Tools menu (Menu->More->Tools) – u can access Application manager, Task manager and Power status directly from MKC
  • Sort dialog redesigned – added 2 buttons at the bottom to sort by 2 most frequently used criteria
  • ImageViewer adjustments – MKC will try 3 times to show image in lower resolution if low memory
  • Small modification in TextViewer, LogViewer
  • Bugfixes – crash in ImageViewer on very low memory and few other


  • added simple help – accessible via About or via Help! button in ToolBar
  • added backward compatibility for Android 2.1
  • bugfixes


  • Information about size of file is now shown in small+big grid layout
  • Audioplayer redesign – now possible to play previous / next song if anyexists and choose what to do when song finishes
  • Bugfixes – audioplayer


  • New feature called Individual folder settings see hints
  • About dialog redesigned
  • Bugfixes as usual


  • From now on, Audio player can used by other applications
  • Bugfixes – ImageView crashes, crash on counting directories and few others


  • U can now use single panel view in landscape
  • Long press "|"button to choose panels width ratio in landscape
  • Longpress panels switch button for (de)activate fullscreen mode


  • Fixed reported bugs
  • Image Viewer tweaks – UI buttons, image selection


  • some UI tweaks, new button "|" for quick switching one/two panel mode in portrait
  • bugfixes


  • 2 new layouts – /big grid, customizable TextViewer font, bug fixes


  • bugfixes in Picture Viewer and Equal Panels "=" button


all functionality implemented [7.11.2011]


all basic functionality being implemented [6.10.2011]


first release

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