1. I don’t like default colors, can I change it?

    Sure, in fact MKC is one of most customizable file managers / commanders
    You can either customize colors 1) individually or 2) using themes

    Simplest way is 2) so:
    in MKC press software or hardware MENU button -> item Config – Configuration will appear. Here choose General Tab on left and 7th item on right should be Theme. Theme config will appear, here choose eg Dialogs Theme -> Dark and Font Theme -> “White-based Lighter”. Press OK, you will return to Configuration. At the bottom press ‘Restart MKC

  2. Where do I find MKC logfile ?

    MKC saves it’s log file to SD card, so basically it can be as bellow:
    /sdcard/Android/data/cz.raven4/MKCommander1/logs/log.txtPlease just take in mind that on different devices, SD card can have different name, so path can start like this instead :

  3. MKC says it is outdated and I have to download latest versions

    I implemented this feature because some people were using very very old versions, complained about bugs / reported bugs that were already fixed in newer versions

  4. Whats difference between MKC HD and MKC ?

    Basic point was simplicity and simple UI for MKC and powerful full featured manager for MKC HD. I’m continuing in making MKC (non HD) more simple to use, optimize it for really begginer-users
    It’s needed to mention that both applications share same code, which detects package name (cz.raven4.MKCommander1 vs …MKCommander_HD) during 1st start and makes some optimizations

  5. Are MKC settings stored securely ? I mean eg my bookmarks, logon credentials to FTP / Samba

    Sure! basic settings like colors and so on are stored in plaintext. BUT any private information like bookmarks, logon credentials ARE encrypted with AES

  6. Why do I have to see Ads (advertisements) ? How to get rid of them?

    Initially MKC was developed as free software completely. Those who appreciated my work could send me some donation via Donation app voluntarily. However, after some time there were thousands of users worldwide but number of donations were almost zero. I already spend 1000+ hours on development so I had to decide. Either stop any MKC development and focus on some activity to earn some money elsewhere or I had to change MKC model
    So now MKC is Ads-supported software and sure you can get rid of Ads simply, just buy Donation app from Play, install it and leave in device

  7. MKC is not translated in my native language. Can I help to translate it?

    Sure! Just email me to
    I’ll very appreciate your help in translating MKC to many foreign language




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