MK System Monitor and Information tool

MK System Monitor (SysMon) is a system monitoring utility which monitors CPU / memory and network of your Android device and shows this data in nice graphs. ! Also SysMon can SHOW current CPU usage in system STATUS BAR on the top of screen !

Key features:

  • nice CPU, FREQ, MEM, NET graphs
  • cpu usage shown in the phone’s / tablet’s top statusbar
  • process monitor
  • detailed Storage Analysis – shown details about storage (sdcard,, largest files + folders, filetypes – user can delete files/folder directly from Storage Analysis!
  • storage list (system mountpoints)
  • you can use Kill All / Selected Kill to kill multiple processes
  • extensive customizable logging
  • 3 widgets


Screenshots :
sysmon-white-main2-th sysmon-white-proc-conf-th sysmon-sa-basic-th sysmon-sa-topten-th sysmon-sa-types-folded-th sysmon-sa-types-folded2-th sysmon-proc2-th sysmon-storage1-th sysmon-storage2-th sysmon-widgets-th 

Permissions are described below.

! Unlike some other app, u can see graphs for longer period (period length can be chosen), other app show graphs only since that app is started and is visible to user. MKSysMon is different…
MK System monitor can do much more ! It gathers data on background, so anytime u return to SysMon, u will see ALL data for whole selected period.

Support multi-core devices. CPU1 is shown with red color, CPU2 is shown with yellow. NOTE: graph for CPU2 might not be fluent, in fact only dots and short lines in time may be shown because CPU2 is running for shorties necessary time, sometimes it runs even for a simple second!

If u like MKSysmon please consider DONATION to support further development and improvement. Wanna donate? Just “buy” common donation app from market at:

SysMon gathers CPU / memory and network traffic data on the background using background service and thus this service consumes a bit of CPU power + battery. Remember you can end SysMon ANYTIME by clicking on Exit to save CPU/battery and restart it anytime from your Home launcher or list of installed application.

RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED – allows MKSysMon to be started after device reboot
GET_TASK – allows to read all running processes
KILL_BACKGROUND_PROCESSES – allows killing of processes
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE – logging of gathered data
android.permission.INTERNET + android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE – Ads support

Download link Play:

Alternative download – Amazon market:

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  1. HiWhere the log file save. I select to log from settings 

    • All my applications save logs in /sdcard/Android/data/cz.raven4/MKSysMon/logs

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