How to change WordPresss admin username

After finishing initial setup of my new wordpress site, I realized that I would like to change name of wordpress administrator. For example because it was too easy to guess its name. Problem is that administrator user account was created during initial setup and cannot be deleted or renamed. Well one option would be modify DB directly, but it requires good knowledge of mySQL. I prefer some other way. So we will use some tricky workaround

  1. Logon as admin with your current username – lets say its called Admin now
  2. From Users menu, choose "Add new"
  3. Create new user with your prefered name, eg. hokus, you have to type email and new emai must be different from current admin email. Now most important part – at the bottom, choose role Administrator


  1. Confirm account creation by clicking "Add New User"
  2. Now Log out
  3. Logon using newly created account – hokus


  1. From Users menu choose "All Users". Users configuration will apear.
  2. Move mouse over the name of account wou wish to delete, Delete link will appear, click on Delete link


  1. "Delete Users" page will appear
  2. On the "Delete Users" page set "Attribute all posts to" and from combobox select newly created account – hokusIf you miss this step, all posts of user-to-delete will be lost.


  1. Congratulation, you have your new administrator account with different name.