China phone / phablet Star N9599T review

Some time ago I realized that my 7" Huawei MediaPad is a bit large for daily carrying, so i decided to look after some smaller, yet bigger than normal device. After some digging I found out Star N9599T with quad-core CPU, 5.7" IPS display, 2GB RAM, 32GB ROM(internal HDD), 2x 3800mAh batteries. Bellow I would like to summarize my positive experiance with this device.


  • large-enough display and resolution
  • above average performance CPU – ~16,000 points in Antutu
  • great 2GB RAM
  • large internal storage
  • 2 SIM
  • big battery life
  • great build quality


  • view angles worse in comparison with Mediapad
  • a bit higher display response rate
    • nothing critical
    • most noticable then scrolling red text on dark gray background
  • limited /data partition
    • only 1GB -> u need to move apps to sdcard more often
    • depends on phone revision
  • no gorilla glass -> u need screen protector
  • useless plastic stylus
    • no gorilla glass -> stylus makes scratches
    • i bought stulus with rubber end – works file
  • mechanic Home button



Would I recommend this product to my friends? For that price, absolutely yes