1. I don’t like default colors, can I change it?

    Sure, in fact MKC is one of most customizable file managers / commanders
    You can either customize colors 1) individually or 2) using themes

    Simplest way is 2) so:
    in MKC press software or hardware MENU button -> item Config – Configuration will appear. Here choose General Tab on left and 7th item on right should be Theme. Theme config will appear, here choose eg Dialogs Theme -> Dark and Font Theme -> “White-based Lighter”. Press OK, you will return to Configuration. At the bottom press ‘Restart MKC

  2. Where do I find MKC logfile ?

    MKC saves it’s log file to SD card, so basically it can be as bellow:
    /sdcard/Android/data/cz.raven4/MKCommander1/logs/log.txtPlease just take in mind that on different devices, SD card can have different name, so path can start like this instead :

  3. MKC says it is outdated and I have to download latest versions

    I implemented this feature because some people were using very very old versions, complained about bugs / reported bugs that were already fixed in newer versions

  4. Whats difference between MKC HD and MKC ?

    Basic point was simplicity and simple UI for MKC and powerful full featured manager for MKC HD. I’m continuing in making MKC (non HD) more simple to use, optimize it for really begginer-users
    It’s needed to mention that both applications share same code, which detects package name (cz.raven4.MKCommander1 vs …MKCommander_HD) during 1st start and makes some optimizations

  5. Are MKC settings stored securely ? I mean eg my bookmarks, logon credentials to FTP / Samba

    Sure! basic settings like colors and so on are stored in plaintext. BUT any private information like bookmarks, logon credentials ARE encrypted with AES

  6. Why do I have to see Ads (advertisements) ? How to get rid of them?

    Initially MKC was developed as free software completely. Those who appreciated my work could send me some donation via Donation app voluntarily. However, after some time there were thousands of users worldwide but number of donations were almost zero. I already spend 1000+ hours on development so I had to decide. Either stop any MKC development and focus on some activity to earn some money elsewhere or I had to change MKC model
    So now MKC is Ads-supported software and sure you can get rid of Ads simply, just buy Donation app from Play, install it and leave in device

  7. MKC is not translated in my native language. Can I help to translate it?

    Sure! Just email me to
    I’ll very appreciate your help in translating MKC to many foreign language




New MKC is out

MKC version 1.0.9 is out

1.0.9   (25.4.2014)

  • from now on MKC can be used as file picker. Eg. when trying to add attachment in mail client
  • File properties reworked
  • customization – directory, copypaste, selection and status bars
  • un/lock icon is shown in scrollable directory path for system partitions. Long press it to mount FS RO/RW
  • rename on system partitions automatically remounts FS if needed
  • bugfixes

MKCommander aka MKC developement history


What's new



Would u like to help me with translating MKC into other languages? Do u have any positive/negative feedback? Would u like to ask for new features? If yes, pls contact me at or via input form on MKC page at

1.0.9   (25.4.2014)

  • from now on MKC can be used as file picker. Eg. when trying to add attachment in mail client
  • File properties reworked
  • customization – directory, copypaste, selection and status bars
  • un/lock icon is shown in scrollable directory path for system partitions. Long press it to mount FS RO/RW
  • rename on system partitions automatically remounts FS if needed
  • bugfixes

1.0.8   (1.4.2014)

  • Rate/Donate dialog will never show if Donation app is installed
  • ImageViewer – Menu key shows now context menu, added new button for showing thumbnails (icon like movie at bottom)
  • New permission – Set wallpaper
  • You can manually set internal + ext. storage in Configuration
  • bugfixes especialy root functionality, longpress to show contextmenu, …

1.0.6   (12.1.2014)

  • Tweaks to GUI + layout font sizes for more consistency among different display sizes
  • Fixed issue with Select dialog + Find Files dialog on some devices

1.0.5   (16.12.2013)

  • Fixed crash when entering new Configuration system for Android 3+ devices. Deeply sorry for any inconvenience.

1.0.3   (13.12.2013)

  • "Configuration" was reworked to new look for Android ver. 3+
  • horizontal toolbar with 30 customizable buttons and vertical(middle) toolbar with 9 customizable buttons are back for those who like them
    • from Configuration -> Section Toolbars
    • from Wizard – step 2 -> For Power Users
  • bugfixes

1.0.2   (27.11.2013)

  • new permission READ_PHONE_STATE – allows to detect incomming calls and pause AudioPlayer
  • new Neon theme
  • few adjustments to GUI elements
  • u can move MKC to SD if u wish
  • bugfixes
    • ImageViewer failure on some devices
    • some others

1.0.1   (10.10.2013)

  • fixed crash on swipe left/right in single panel mode
  • few minor fixes

1.0.0   (9.10.2013)

  • new tutorial
  • new Copy&Paste toolbar
  • many improvements eg:
    • instant scroll to top or bottom by clicking red up/>down arrow
    • context menu (use arrow button in title bar to see all menu items)
    • possibility to operate in single or dual panel mode
  • bugfixes – many, eg. selection between 2

0.8.48   (x.3.2013)

  • bugfixes

0.8.47   (25.2.2013)

  • System mountpoints dialog adjusted
  • adjustment to "*" button
    • short tap – opens "Choose media" dialog with bookmarks
    • long tap – opens "Choose media" dialog with history
  • if u try to open file without any asociated application, OpenAs dialog is shown
  • FTP adjustments + u can view pictures from FTP directly in Image Viewer + for FTP and SMB u can enable/disable picture previews auto loading – in FTP/SMB credentials
    • NOTE: first picture previews loading can be very slow (depends on connection speed), thumbnails are cached locally so next visit is muuuch quicker
  • LogViewer button in toolbar highlights on error
  • bugfixes
    • NOTE: on some specific devices when some files are copied/moved/extracted… to internal storage mounted as FUSE then new file has curent "last modify" time instead of time of original file. Its Android BUG 🙁
    • other reported errors fixed

0.8.46   (21.1.2013)

  • bugfixes

0.8.43   (17.1.2013)

  • new icon + some minor adjustments for Amazon Market

0.8.43   (12.1.2013)

  • "choose media" dialog
    • tap on button on very right to see media properties
    • for larger display – also shows Bookmarks
  • Scrollable directory buttons now reacts on long click (Android 3.0+)
  • ImageViewer
    • gallery with thumbnails on bottom (shows/hides on hw/sw MENU key)
  • file operations –
    • overwrite dialog – new option "Ovewrite older"
    • preserve date/time
  • cloud services
    • dropbox – coming soon
    • all login credentials are encrypted (see NOTE1 below)
  • bugfixes
    • scroll. directory bar, some others
  • NOTE1:
    • configuration(+backups) of previous MKC is NOT fully compatible with new MKC. If u experience any crash(sorry), reinstall new MKC and DONT import backup-ed configuration from previous versions

0.8.42   (23.12.2012)

  • if u choose wallpaper NONE then background color in Theme dialog OR in Configuration – item "Background color(wallpaper:NONE)"
  • some adjustments in File properties
  • bugfix:
    • fixed scroll flicker in TextView on pre-ICS

0.8.40   (8.12.2012)

  • UI:
    • dialog themes – Light + Dark
    • wallpaper – none (=single color, for oldest devices), 2 internal + u can set any image as background wallpaper
      • for better readability of text on wallpapers – in Config. new/modified items – bold text  + font shadow settings
      • NOTE: for speed and memory reasons wallpaper is taken as is and is simply stretched to fit screen
    • Themes dialog completely reworked: MENU->Configuration->toolbar button Theme; see brief help there
    • Context menu
  • AudioPlayer – added equalizer for Android 2.3+ devices
  • bugfixes

0.8.39   (x.11.2012)

  • rooted staff:
    • improved detection of rooted device
    • copy adjustmets

0.8.38   (30.10.2012)

  • new:
    • from now ok u can send multiple files via BT (NOTE: files must be located on internal memory or sdcard)
    • video thumbnails on Android 2.2+
    • small adjustment in Scrollable directory bar
  • translation:
    • russian – not yet final, but usable – credits goes to Alex

0.8.37   (16.10.2012)

  • small adjustments
    • MKC Editor
    • file properties
  • bugfixes
    • filtering was not working on some devices

0.8.36   (12.10.2012)

  • bugfix – crash in devices prior ICS when showing file properties – credits for reporting goes to Alex!

0.8.35   (10.10.2012)

  • added Filter panel – possibility to quickly filter files – contains mode icon(/); input field; clear button– tap to clear input field / long tap to close Filter panel; button to open advanced filter
    • simple mode– just type simple word eg. "linux"
    • clever mode – in this mode u can use 1 or more wildcards eg. "*linux*;*unix*"
  • bottom StatusBar changed – now interactive and and on devices >7" display separated to 3 buttons
    • on left part
      • tap to open Filter panel
    • on center
      • tap to open Selection dialog
      • long tap to de/select all
    • tap on right part
      • tap to open File properties dialog with detailed info about external storage (ususally /sdcard)
  • bugfixes
    • TextViewer – text selection + clipboard
    • in landscape dual panel sometimes accidentaly goes to single panel mode
    • accidental crashes in ImageViewer

0.8.34    (25.9.2012)

  • former TextViewer divided into 2 separate tools
    • new TextViewer – which is in most cases much faster when loading big files, has much faster navigation, but can NOT edit
    • new TextEditor – same functionality and speed as former TextViewer – can view and edit, but is slow (it's problem of Java and Android framework, not MKC)
  • bugfixes:
    • toolbar buttons in czech transl.

0.8.33    (2.9.2012)

  • improved Properties dialog:
    • u can send Top Ten Files and Top Ten Content to panel, where u can work with them as with Search results (NOTE: recommended to switch to row layout where u can see object's location)
  • some optimalizations for small and large screens (dialogs, guide/help)
  • after find files in Search results if u switch to any row layout – location of found file will be shown
  • image caching redesigned, now stored in DB
  • bugfixes:
    • random crash during pic. previews loading
    • additional details in file properties
    • Individual Folder Settings

0.8.32    (29.7.2012)

  • improved root functionality – browse, view, edit files like "build.prop", copy/move, del
  • added:
    • icons for .doc, .xls, .pdf extensions
    • then reading picture previews, small progressbar is shown under directory bar
    • more details to Properties dialog
  • bugfixes:
    • rooted phones: clicking on buttons in Scrollable directory bar sometimes did not go to desired directory
    • move bug (files were copied even they could be moved)
    • sort bug (objects were not sorted properly after Calc button)
    • samba: empty username was not working, now should be ok

0.8.31    (30.6.2012)

  • added "Selection Bar":
    • when u activate selection (sel.mode:ON) -> will appear on top:
    • u can quickly select/deselect all, select all files with same extension or type
    • AND u can select/deselect all between 2 POINTS! (a bit like shift selection in windoze)
    • more info in quick guide in MKC
  • small adjustments:
    • scrolling directory bar slightly modified
    • u can hide Title bar on devices with Android >3.0 (On some devices that do NOT have hardware MENU button, software MENU button is shown in application title bar. If u have HW MENU button or u dont need it,  u can disable Title bar to save some space on display) Configuration–>Section Advanced (requires app. restart)
  • bugfixes: some

0.8.30    (6.6.2012)

  • small adjustments:
    • added second customizable detailed grid (detailed grid are popular on large screens like tablets)+more customization available => u can have one smaller det. grid for common folders and one big for folders with pictures
    • some buttons in toolbar act as switch eg "Show thumbnails" if on uppercase text or colored icon is shown, if off lowercase text or black-white icon is shown
  • bugfix
    • during copy/move and other oper. if u clicked outside of window, it dissapeared but operation continued

0.8.29    (x.6.2012)

  • SMB (SAMBA, Windows share) support
  • some size adjustments for tables (tested my new Huawei Mediapad 7")
  • added new nice customizable Detailed Grid layout, also added borders around all grid layouts
  • added button to directory bar on the top for fast switching between internal and external(sdcard) memory
  • Directory Bar redesigned, from now on u can choose between
    • standard text Directory Bar (with 'free space' on top)
    • scrollable clickable buttons (font characteristics – bold, width – is changing according to  path length and panel width or better readibility), 'free space' in Status Bar on the bottom
  • small adjustments:
    • u can set font size for directory bar(top) and status bar(bottom)
    • non-readable files are shown with italica
    • u can choose charset for TextViewer
    • for devices with Android 3.0+ top title bar has to be shown as it contains software Menu key
  • bugfixes:
    • On "Recreate thumbs…" – new thumbs were shown,but not saved for next time
    • on some devices (eg. my new Mediapad) move from internal mem to sdcard and opposite did not worked correctly
    • Menu button was not accessible in TextViewer on tablets with Android 3.0+

0.8.28    (x.4.2012)


0.8.26    (7.5.2012)

  • First run Wizard – allows to create basic configuration according to user's wish
  • toolbars + settings (configuration)
    • u can now choose between icons / texts and 1/2 rows
    • Settings renamed to Config as it alows shorter abbreviation
    • Backup and Import redesigned – u can have more backuped configs and during import choose one of them -> good if u wanna experiment with 1/2 row of icons/text in toolbar or when "playing" with toolbar buttons assignement
    • Themes – u can quickly choose between 3 color themes
    • TB buttons – quickly recreate toolbar buttons for 1 or 2 rows layout
  • bugfixes:
    • toolbar buttons configuration was not saved on Backup

0.8.25    (22.4.2012)

  • bugfixed:
    • after de/reinstallation backup-ed settings dissapeared. Sorry for that 🙂 From now on all MKC files are located in /sdcard/Android/data/cz.raven4/<product name>

0.8.24    (22.4.2012)

  • I created DONATION app, from now on u can donate via PayPal or newly directly via Market – "buy" DONATION app
  • I created new sister application to MKCommander (MKC) called MKCommander HD (MKC HD). What's difference? Mostly in memory limits!
    • both app's share almost same code 99%
    • original MKCommader can run on any Android 2.1+,  so also on  phone/tables with Honeycomb and  ICS
    • new MKCommander HD can run ONLY on Android 3.0 and higher,
    • if u have eg. phone with ICS, u can choose between MKC and MKC HD; if u have phone with Gingerbread only MKC is possible
    • Why I created this new app?  My HTC Sensation upgraded to ICS 4.0.3 and I wanted to get maximum of ICS – see limits:
      • orig. MKC can use up to 16/24/32/48MB of RAM (depeds on Android version and device), most of time it's enough, but if u try to create tbumbsnails in dir with 1000+ pictures u can ran out of mem, also if u want to try to open big/huge jpeg (9000×8000 pixels, 10MB size), such jpeg must be resampled to lower resolutions +-3000×3000, eg. Map of Tyria)
      • MKC HD can use up to 128MB of RAM (on rooted phones even more), so opening huge jpeg (eg. Map of Tyria) in full resolution is no problemo.
  • directory bar
    • free space is now shown (usefull for rooted phones)
    • on click and on long click actions can be assigned
  • TextViewer:
    • added Search functionality, added switch for read-only <-> read-write (edit functionality)
    • u can create new text file
    • NOTE: TextViewer is not intended to open large binary data, u can ran out of memory in such case
  • Settings:
    • u can choose if u wanna keep horiz. toolbar in fullscreen mode
    • u can choose text color of toolbar buttons
    • u can choose text color and background color of selected objects (this colors are also used for top+bottom statusbar)
    • new assignable functions for V+H toolbars
  • in MkDir dialog, u can choose if u wanna create empty Folder or file
  • fixed bug:
    • on ICS in Settings,
    • in Properties – after 'file find' file's true location was not correctly displayed
    • after leaving directory, directory was not highlighted
  • new permisions:
    • WRITE_MEDIA_STORAGE – seems like tablets with Honeycomb that have internal+external memory(=sd card) need this permission for read+write access to both memory
    •  MOUNT/UNMOUNT – needed for un/mounting filesystems on rooted phones

0.8.23   (29.3.2012)

  • Select dialog – added Size and Date criterium
  • Find Files Dialog – added Date criterium
  • Vertical Toolbar now customizable, improved configuration of toolbar buttons in Settings, some more functions can be assigned to tollbar buttons
  • experimental Root functionality – mount, chmod
    NOTE: I dont have any rooted phone to verify this functionality on….any feedback is highly welcome!
  • bugfixes – eg. fixed bug then no files were moved if u tried to move them to different filesystems (eg. file from in internal mem to sdcard)

0.8.22   (13.3.2012)

  • Storage Analysis(SA) enhanced – graphs added (bright color shows ratio file size / sdcard size, dark color shows ratio file size / current directory size), u can hide graphs by clicking on "Exit SA" on the top
  • Image Viewer enhanced – EXIF info, where available, tap on small arrow in the right middle of Image Viewer
  • Properties dialog heavily recoded
  • Thumbnails are now cached, so when visiting picture folders repeatedly thumbnails are shown much faster(up to 10x) for larger images (only images >100kB are cached)
    NOTE: if u wanna recreate thumbnails in current folder: long tap on any object in folder->Other->Recreate thumbs for this folder
  • Added move to ZIP (= zip and then delete source file)
  • Added Rate and Donate button, PLEASE rate MKC if u like it and also consider a donation of few $ to SUPPORT DEVELOPEMENT
  • bugfixes

0.8.21    (5.3.2012)

  • highly redesigned progress dialogs during operations like copy… Now more information about progress like avg.speed, estimated time, remaining files+size,…
  • customizable slideshow in Image Viewer
  • small modifications in "Open As" functionality
  • bugfixes
  • +++ is there anybody who would like to help with translating MKC to other languages?? any help welcome +++

0.8.20    (26.2.2012)

  • modification to "open as"

0.8.19    (9.2.2012)

  • Bugfix release
    • fixed crash when opening file type with no associated application
    • fixed crash when trying to open/modify file/dir which is not readable (no permission)
    • fixed bug when extracting with fullpath


  • "Open As" now possible in ZIP archive or on FTP
  • fixed crash when entering Settings in czech localization
  • bugfixes


  • import+backup settings
  • small adjustment in Sort dialog
  • from now on u can bookmark directories on ftp or in .zip
  • from now on u can calculate directory's size on FTP – caution, on slow connections/servers it can take eternity 😀 NOTE: For obvious reasons PermCalc is  ignored for FTP
  • from now on u can calculate directory's size in ZIP.
  • u can now browse content of .apk


  • bugfixes release
  • bugfix when entering Settings in ICS 4.0.x


  • added Starting folder option – where to start: either Home folder or in folder where MKC finished last time
  • Bookmark activity – u can now change order of your bookmarks
  • "B" button on vert. toolbar – changed
    • short tap – menu with bookmarks
    • long tap – opens Bookmarks dialog (like MENU->Bookmarks) – NEW
  • MKC now shows application icon for apk file if picture preview enabled
  • minor bugfixes


  • added Exit to menu, because sometimes user was not able to exit MKC via BACK if some complicated operation was ongoing (eg. Storage Analysis);
  • Storage Analysis menu item moved to Tools… User can place it to toolbar for quickiest access.
  • fixed bug where user was not able to browse pictures correctly, if picture was opened by clicking on icon
  • fixed several bugs in  ImageViewer, TextViewer
  • fixed return to MKC –  sometimes after return to MKC (eg. from Home screen) previously opened window (eg.ImageViewer, TextViewer) was not visible


  • more customization –
    • horiz. toolbar buttons's – font size, font width factor, width, height
    • you can now choose where horiz. toolbar will be placed – top or bottom
    • vert. toolbar – width
    • font width factor for medium multil.+grid layouts -> more space for text if needed
  • selection mode – ON, OFF, AUTO


  • 2 annoying bugs removed –
    • sometimes "Reading both panels" dialog does NOT dissapear automatically
    • MKC is unresponsive and screen is darkened because some dialog is stuck on background
    • in both cases sometimes helped pressing BACK or SEARCH
  • if u encounter any of bugs mentioned above, PLEASE, let me know and help me to investigate it further


  • redesign of horiz.+vert. toolbars to provide more space for labels
  • started localization:
    • new localization – CZECH – author: my smallness
    • new localized Read Me! – excerpt from full english MKC guide
    • searching volunteers for other languages
  • bugfixes


  • added ZIP support – u can browse ZIP archives (incl. picture preview), ImageViewer can browse/view pictures in ZIP archives; NOTE: Android natively supports only unencrypted ZIP archives. For encrypted archives try to look at the Market for 3rd party app.
  • added Tools menu (Menu->More->Tools) – u can access Application manager, Task manager and Power status directly from MKC
  • Sort dialog redesigned – added 2 buttons at the bottom to sort by 2 most frequently used criteria
  • ImageViewer adjustments – MKC will try 3 times to show image in lower resolution if low memory
  • Small modification in TextViewer, LogViewer
  • Bugfixes – crash in ImageViewer on very low memory and few other


  • added simple help – accessible via About or via Help! button in ToolBar
  • added backward compatibility for Android 2.1
  • bugfixes


  • Information about size of file is now shown in small+big grid layout
  • Audioplayer redesign – now possible to play previous / next song if anyexists and choose what to do when song finishes
  • Bugfixes – audioplayer


  • New feature called Individual folder settings see hints
  • About dialog redesigned
  • Bugfixes as usual


  • From now on, Audio player can used by other applications
  • Bugfixes – ImageView crashes, crash on counting directories and few others


  • U can now use single panel view in landscape
  • Long press "|"button to choose panels width ratio in landscape
  • Longpress panels switch button for (de)activate fullscreen mode


  • Fixed reported bugs
  • Image Viewer tweaks – UI buttons, image selection


  • some UI tweaks, new button "|" for quick switching one/two panel mode in portrait
  • bugfixes


  • 2 new layouts – /big grid, customizable TextViewer font, bug fixes


  • bugfixes in Picture Viewer and Equal Panels "=" button


all functionality implemented [7.11.2011]


all basic functionality being implemented [6.10.2011]


first release

Translations :